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Cryogenic vs. Compressor Based Cooling


Cryogenic vs. Compressor Based Cooling

Pros and Cons of Cooling Methods in Electronics Thermal Testing

Dec. 2, 2014… Cryogenic vs. Compressor-based Cooling Systems, a technical paper exploring cooling methods used in electronics thermal testing, has been published by inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS). Identifying the optimal cooling methods in the design, production, and failure-analysis of electronic devices can be a challenge. The paper discusses the merits and weaknesses of compressor-based and cryogenic (LN2, LCO2) cooling systems. It evaluates each cooling method with considerations for cost, temperature needs, and facility requirements. Cryogenic vs. Compressor-based Cooling Systems is intended to help readers match their cooling requirements with a thermal test system.

To download the paper, visit http://intestthermal.com/cryogenic-vs-compressor-cooling or contact the factory +1.781.688.2300.