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Dec 2013

New Chamber/Platform Controller and Retrofit...DUT Control App Note


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Sigma Systems
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December 2013

TSR Controller Front Panel
New Sigma C3 or C4
Replacement Controller
A better alternative

If you need to repair a C3 or C4 controller for a Sigma chamber or platform, you may want to reconsider.
Sigma's new TSR Controller is a direct replacement,
both in size and programming syntax of previous

controllers. Important benefits include:

  1. Reduced setup time - with intuitive touch-screen, no need to search user manual
  2. Faster test time - Enhanced DUT control speeds up transitions (see below)
  3. Expanded communication - local and remote operation (Ethernet, USB, RS232, IEEE-488)

Changing out your old controller - C, CC3, CC3.5, C4 - is fast and easy. Support for previous generation controllers will continue despite increasing pressures on parts obsolescence.


For details see data sheet or contact us: +1.781.688.2300,

Easy Retrofit
TSR direct form, fit, and function replacement

It's easy to add new capabilities to your Sigma thermal chambers and platforms. The TSR Controller installs into your existing C-type controller cavity - includes necessary cables.

TSR's New DUT Control
Reduces time to reach temperature

Device under test (DUT) control is a unique algorithm designed to

minimize test time by controlling your device temperature at set points,

even during power cycling of the DUT. It directly monitors and controls device temperature and stabilizes the DUT to within 0.1°C.


DUT control is user selectable and customizable to match your thermal requirements based on mass, size, material, and heat dissipation. DUT temperature control


New Controller Implemented in 2013

Starting Nov. 1, 2013, Sigma thermal chambers and platforms are shipping with the new TS Controller. It has all the features of the TSR Controller, plus a larger user screen and an option for a built-in independent fail-safe.

For details see data sheet or contact us: +1.781.688.2300,

inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS) specializes in the design and manufacture of thermal environments for electronics temperature testing and conditioning, and industrial process cooling. Thermal equipment includes mobile temperature systems, thermal chambers and platforms, and process chillers. We are recognized for expertise on precise control of extreme thermal environments, -185 to +500C, and rapid transitions between desired temperatures. The iTS family includes three temperature-related corporations Sigma Systems, Temptronic and Thermonics. iTS is the Thermal Products Segment of inTEST Corp, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA.