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Sigma Chamber Increases Capacity for Testing TCXOs

Low-Gradient, High-Throughput Convection Chamber Replaces Oil Baths

therm chamber 1Sigma Systems, part of the inTEST Thermal Solutions family, has designed a high throughput thermal chamber for batch testing crystal oscillators.

Capable of -60 to +130°C with a low (±1.3°C) gradient, the chamber delivers the thermal horsepower and uniformity for batch testing up to 1,000 TCXOs across 10 load boards, surpassing the throughput of traditional oil baths and eliminating oil cleanup.

The chamber also simplifies setup and connection of test equipment for crystal parameter analysis during tests for phase noise, short term stability, frequency aging, and reliability screening.


therm chamber 2Reducing Test Setup Time with Intelligent Chamber Design

Reducing test setup time is often as important as reducing the actual test time. Besides omitting the need for oils and the inherent cleanup associated with oil baths, the Sigma Chamber simplifies test setup with these design features:

  • Hinged Front Door: Allows quick access to install/uninstall load boards in card cages – no need to disconnect test equipment when changing load boards.
  • Pull-Off Rear Door, Built-in Card Cages: Allows setup of load boards, driver boards, and test equipment on a benchtop before placing a fully connected test setup into the chamber.
  • Cable/Connection Ports: Allows driver boards to be connected to load boards with either cables pass-throughs or card slots.

therm chamber 3Illustration shows typical setup. Card cages, card slots, and cable ports are configurable for unique applications.


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