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temperature test & conditioning applications

Thermal Systems Integration

for Thermal Testing and Process Cooling

inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS) and Ambrell, the business units that make up the thermal segment of inTEST Corporation, provide thermal environments to support integrators, OEMs and end users. iTS engineers temperature conditioning equipment for both production test and process manufacturing.

Temperature systems used for thermal test and production integration include process chillers, thermal plates and chambers and temperature forcing systems. Our precision temperature control systems have been integrated within the aerospace, automotive, chemical, defense, energy, industrial, semiconductor and telecom industries.

If any of the manufacturing or R&D processes you get involved in have occasion to integrate thermal environments, contact us:


Engineered Thermal Solutions for Integration

Process Fluid Chillers

process chillers

Air Forcing Systems

air forcing systems

Thermal Chambers and Plates

thermal chamber

Process Chiller Integration

Automotive Electronics Testing

AC 95 Gas Chiller FaceRight A gas chiller delivering constant, stable temperature control is integrated into the production testing of automotive radar systems

Industrial Chemical Process

Air Chiller Face Right NoScreensA fluid chiller is integrated into a chemical processing system for the continuous condensation of CO2

Energy Production Process Cooling

energy productionHigh-capacity, high flow fluid chiller integrated as a cold trap removing contaminates in an energy production line

Semicon Production Testing

CryoChillerAn LN2 cooled process chiller is integrated into a semiconductor test handler for microchip production

Thermal System for Defense Production LineDefense Automated Production Line

Fluid chiller provides a high capacity remote thermal source for the thermal cycling of mission-critical electronic components

Thermal Chamber and Plate Integration

LED Production Testing

ledDual-access chamber integrated into crystal oscillator production, replacing oil baths and delivering higher throughput

Electronic Component Testing

componentDual-access chamber with integrated card cage increases user productivity and component testing throughput

Aircraft Assembly Testing

aircraftCryo chamber integrated with rate table in production testing of aircraft landing gear

Telecom Device Production

microwaveThermal plates integrated directly into test racks delivering low noise for high-throughput production testing of microwave/RF components

Air Forcing System Integration

Materials Testing

air forcing systems Air forcing system integrated with thermal chambers for industrial material testing systems

Telecom Component Testing

telecomAir forcing system integrated with optical transceiver production testing systems for the telecom Industry

About inTEST Thermal Solutions

inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS) specializes in the design and manufacture of thermal environments for electronics temperature testing and conditioning, as well as industrial process cooling. Thermal equipment includes mobile temperature systems, thermal chambers and plates, and process chillers. We are recognized for expertise in precise control of extreme thermal environments, -185 to +500°C, and rapid transitions between desired temperatures. The iTS family includes three temperature-related corporations: Sigma Systems, Temptronic, and Thermonics. iTS and Ambrell comprise the Thermal Segment of inTEST Corp, Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA.

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