Thermal test systems (-185 to +500°C)

Thermal chambers & platforms for electronics and materials design and test

inTEST Thermal Solutions manufactures Temptronic® and Sigma Systems temperature systems for electronics and material test and conditioning, as well as Thermonics® process chillers. An array of high-performance thermal products are available to meet your design and production requirements while optimizing throughput, user access, footprint, and more.

Sigma Systems Thermal Chambers
MIL-STD and commercial models available with compressor-based or cryogenic cooling
from -185 to 500°C.

Thermal Platforms / Temperature Plates

Sigma Systems Platforms (Hot/Cold Plates)
MIL-STD and commercial models available for flat, low-profile devices. Cooling capabilities from -100 to 250°C, with transitions up to 100°C/min.

Temptronic Mobile Temperature Environments 
ThermoStream® provides extremely fast temperature transitions for MIL-STD and commercial testing with capabilities from -100  to 300°C