TEC2 ULT Freezer

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TEC2 ULT Biomedical Freezer

The next generation of the safest Ultra Low Temperature Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Freezers.

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-86C Thermometer

Samples Security & Energy Saving

Multiple Sizes - 5

15, 21, 26, or 30 CuFt

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Natural Gases Refrigerants

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New upgraded TEC2 TECHNOLOGY with Natural Refrigerants, Hydrocarbon Based to lower GMP, 100% redundancy with two complete and independent refrigeration systems. The second compressor acts as a backup, and energy usage is dramatically reduced.

Standard ultra-low freezers rely on a cascade refrigeration system. If this system fails, the freezer and your samples have to be removed in a couple of hours. LN2 or CO2 backups only sustain temperatures for approximately 7 hours, and require routine re-filling, maintenance & supervision.

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Part Number Temp. Range Voltage Volume - CuFt
TEC8515-NA -40 to -86°C 110V/60 Hz 15
TEC8515-EU -40 to -86°C 220V/50 Hz 15
TEC8520-NA -40 to -86°C 110V/60 Hz 21
TEC8520-EU -40 to -86°C 220V/50 Hz 21
TEC8525-NA -40 to -86°C 110V/60 Hz 26
TEC8525-NA-2 -40 to -86°C 220V/60 Hz 26
TEC8525-EU -40 to -86°C 220V/50 Hz 26
TEC8530-NA -40 to -86°C 220V/60 Hz 30
TEC8530-EU -40 to -86°C 220V/50 Hz 30


The Smartest, Safest ULT Freezer

Delivering Peace of Mind with Total Sample Security

TEC2 ULT Freezer
TEC2 ULT Freezer
TEC2 ULT Freezer

PERFECT for COVID-19 Vaccines, critical material storage in biorepositories, medical research facilities, BSL4 labs, hospitals, anywhere valuable samples need to be stored safely

SAFEST TWINCORE BASED TECHNOLOGY employs 2 Core, 2 refrigeration system, 2 control commands for Compressors, enabling one to maintain temperature if the other is disabled, unparalleled safety!

FAST Dual Cooling system enables the fastest pull down (4.5hr) & door opening recovery times (80min) after 2min door opening.

TIGHTEST UNIFORMITY industry best +/-2.5C uniformity ensures your samples are being stored within the proper temperature range to maintain integrity

GREATLY reduced frost development on the inner compartment doors due to interlocking gasket design and heated door seal

MORE ULT Sample Storage on your Floor Space, 50-90% more samples in the same space

UNIQUE revolutionary dual core refrigeration system

NEW HANDLE Lockable Door Handle for easy access

EASIEST to use, color 7’’ touchscreen panel allows full user control

HANDIEST USB PORT makes transferring logged data to a PC simple and convenient. Important information such as freezer temperature, door opening times and alarm history is logged for monitoring in GLP applications.

BEST INSULATION Combining vacuum insulation panels with high efficiency dual layered insulated inner doors ensures longest cold retention and pull-up times. Ensures optimum temperature uniformity, while reduced wall thickness maximizes storage capacity and reduces energy usage by 40%.

Compact, reliable, energy-efficient storage for cold-chain management, short-term or long-term ultra-low storage and transport of biological specimens.

Freezer Storage Racks

Large selection of Freezer Racks designed to organize & protect your frozen laboratory sample inventory in our Freezers

Optimizing internal freezer capacity.

We have a wide selection of freezer racks.

Side Access 5x5 01
Side Access 5x5 02
Type Model Size (mm) Size (H x D) Photo
Side Access RFE3044 560 x 137 x 229 4 x 4 Rack Photo A
RFE3045 560 x 137 x 284 5 x 4
RFE3046 560 x 137 x 339 6 x 4
RFE3055 696 x 137 x 284 5 x 5
Sliding Drawer RDE3044 564 x 141 x 229 4 x 4 Rack Photo B
RDE3045 564 x 141 x 285 5 x 4
RDE3046 564 x 141 x 341 6 x 4
RDE3055 700 x 141 x 285 5 x 5


Model Capacity (L) 2mL Vial 2" box* Rack Type Rack Qty Total Rack Qty
TEC-8520 588 40,000 400 5 x 5 16 16
TEC-8525 728 50,400 504 5 x 4 18 24
6 x 4 6
TEC-8530 838 60,000 600 5 x 5 24 24

*Notes: calculated based on 100-well box.

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