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VRE Series Refrigerators

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High Performance Vaccine Refrigerators

2 to 10Degrees

Conforms to CDC

Pop Out

Removable Pull Out Drawers

Vaccine Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator

3 different configurations: Blood Bank, Vaccine and Pharmaceutical

VRE-Series high-performance vaccine refrigerators are designed with features that support sample protection for the storage of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemotherapy and other medical and pharmacy-grade storage requiring 2 to 10°C, according to CDC recommendations. Dual-glass door design prevents condensation in environments <80% humidity and its fan for cooling works while door is closed, auto-stops when door is opened.

It is possible to remove the drawers for loading vaccines without compromising the temperature inside. Dual redundant temperature sensors connected to board and recording data on USB storage.

  • Temperature Control using a Microprocessor based, Large LED display inner temperature clearly, and with easy viewing
  • The inner temperature can be adjustable at the range of 2 to 10°C, with an increment of 0.1°C
  • Multiple sensors to display or control the temperature
  • Lock and password for protection to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters

Model Part Number Temp. Range Voltage Volume - CuFt
VRE-0500 VRE-0500-NA 2 to 10°C 110V/60Hz 21
VRE-0500-EU 2 to 10°C 220V/50Hz 21
VRE-1000 VRE-1000-NA 2 to 10°C 110V/60Hz 39
VRE-1000-EU 2 to 10°C 220V/50Hz 39
VRE-1500 VRE-1500-NA 2 to 10°C 110V/60Hz 50
VRE-1500-EU 2 to 10°C 220V/50Hz 50


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