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TSi ULT Freezer

The New TSi series ultra-low freezers designed to exceed all standards in reliability, sustainability and temperature management. The cooling capacity adapts to user patterns, substantially reducing energy and HVAC costs without compromising performance.

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-86C Thermometer

Ultra Low Temperature
-40 to -86°C

Multiple Sizes

Storage Volumes
13, 17, 21, 25, or 35 CuFt


Adaptable to user patterns, fast pull-downs, recovery.

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TraceableLive® Wireless Cloud Monitoring 

Samples security, reliability and sustainability for ultra-low storage

Co-branded with Traceable® from Antylia, with its Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Datalogger, the TSi Series connects easily to Wi-Fi and provides continuous data transmission to the cloud-based interface and includes NIST-Traceable certificate from A2LA accredited (1750.01) calibration laboratory.

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Designed for sustainability & performance for ultra-low storage

  • Uniformity ±5°C
  • Fast door-opening recovery 21Min
  • Pullup time from –80 to –50°C <7.0H
  • PullDown time from 20 to –80°C <3.0H
  • Low energy usage
  • Heated Pressure Equalization Port
  • Double injected foaming for both inner and outer doors combined with VIP thermal insulation technology
  • USB Interface to download historical temperature data
  • Alarm - high, low temperature, sensor error, power failure, high ambient, filter and door ajar
Part Number Temp. Range Volume (CuFt)
TSI8613-NA 40 to -86°C 13
TSI8617-NA 40 to -86°C 17
TSI8621-NA 40 to -86°C 21
TSI8625-NA 40 to -86°C 25
TSI8635-NA 40 to -86°C 35
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“Future-proof” your sample monitoring for ever-changing compliance requirements.

E-mail and push alarms - Apple Watch compatibility - SMS text notifications - Voice notification escalation - Unlimited users - Unlimited data storage - Create your own monitoring and notification templates - Unlimited templates

1 CFR Part 11 compliance

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