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Custom Chillers for OEM and End User Process Cooling Applications

As part of inTEST Thermal Solutions, Thermonics believes in delivering process chillers that are properly sized and engineered for your specific needs; we do not force-fit a chiller into your application, we design a cooling system to solve your unique needs. This approach makes us ideal for both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and End Users with requirements including: cooling capacities designed at target temperatures, demanding fluid flow rates and pressures, specific footprints, unique heat transfer fluids, and remote communications protocols.

We are a USA based designer and manufacturer of process chillers. We have designed OEM Chillers for Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Energy, Chemical, Industrial, Medical, and Semiconductor application, all delivered with capabilities specific to the demanding needs of our customers.

And yes, we do have OEM and Volume pricing available.

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Our Chiller Building Blocks – The Foundations for Custom and OEM Chiller Designs

These are the building blocks for our standard chiller designs, including cryogenic and mechanical cooling, fluid and gas heat transfer. We offer a wide range of technological expertise to solve your specific process cooling needs.

Chiller Family

Fluid Chillers
Air Cooled and Water Cooled 

LN2 Cryogenic Extraction Chiller

LN2 Cooled Chillers
Cryogenic Refrigeration

Gas Chiller

Gas Chillers
Auto Cascade Refrigeration 

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