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Low Temperature Chillers

Low Temperature Fluid Chillers

We design low (-80.0°C) and ultra-low temperature (-120.0°C) chillers for cooling fluids and gasses in process cooling applications.

Low Temperature Chillers

Thermonics Low-Temperature Chillers
Cannabis Extraction Chillers

Low Temperature Chillers for Rapid Ethanol and Solvent Cooling

Our extraction chillers are designed for hemp, cannabis, and other botanical extraction applications requiring precise, low temperature..

Cannabis Extraction Chillers

Thermonics Cannabis Extraction Chiller


Chillers for Ultra-Low Temperatures, Rapid Cooling

Our Cryo Chillers use liquefied cryogens to cool heat transfer fluids with a proprietary cooling technology, delivering low and ultra-low temperatures and rapid transitions rates to a test device or process.

LN2-Cooled Systems

Thermonics LN2 Chiller
Gas Chillers

Gas Chillers for Cooling Nitrogen, Argon, and other Gasses

Thermonics gas chiller systems are designed for cooling gasses (nitrogen, argon) and clean-dry-air (CDA) for a variety of process cooling applications.

Gas Chillers

Thermonics Gas Chillers

PAO Chillers

Low Temperature PAO Chillers for Mil/Aero & Industrial Process Cooling Applications

These are designed for heat removal in military, aerospace, and industrial cooling applications where polyalphaolefin liquid is required as the heat transfer fluid.

PAO Chillers

Thermonics PAO Chiller
About Thermonics Chillers

Low and Ultra-Low Temperature Process Chillers