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Thermal Platforms & Plates

Thermal Platforms and Hot/Cold Plates for rapid, precise, and extreme temperature control. Our thermal plates are configured to meet your specific application. They are ideal for testing and cooling thermally conductive devices with a low, flat physical profile.

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Precise Controls


Wide Temperature Ranges

Multiple Sizes - 5

Variety of Surface Areas

These precisely controllable temperature platforms from Sigma Systems provide an open work surface with rapid heating and cooling or holding at temperature. Also known as “hot/cold plates”, they are ideal for testing or conditioning low profile items with a flat surface such as RF devices and high-density power device testing (IGBTs and MOSFETs).

Our flexible designs provide:

• Cryogenic and compressor-based refrigeration systems as low as -100°C and up to +250°C and temperature transitions up to 100°C/min
• Surface areas from 7 to 700 square inches (45 to 4515 square cm) and larger on request
• Hole patterns for your fixtures
• Enclosures for your DUT

Cryogenic Based Thermal Plates

Plate Temperature Ranges:

Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Cooled: -100° to +200°C
Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2) Cooled: -65° to +200°C

Optionally, wider temperature ranges available.

Custom sizes available on request.

Model Work Surface Dim (L" x W")
TP48 1.563 x 4.813
TP92 3.75 x 3.75
TP258 4 x 10
TP294 Learn More 6.75 x 6.75
TP781 Learn More 11 x 11
TP870 6.75 x 20
TP994 11 x 14
TP1265 14 x 14
TP2555 Learn More 18 x 22
TP3975 28 x 22

Compressor Based Thermal Plates

Plate Temperature Ranges:

Single stage: -30° to +200°C
Cascade: -60° to +200°C

Optionally, wider temperature ranges available

Custom sizes available on request

Model Work Surface Dim (L" x W")
TP316 7 x 7
TP412 4 x 16
TP929 12 x 12
TP1085 12 x 14
TP1652 16 x 16
TP2477 14 x 24


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