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Thermal Chamber Accessories

Sigma Systems has made thousands of chambers for hundreds of companies, many with custom needs and unique specifications. As a result we have options to fit nearly every need. Listed here are the most requested accessories and spare parts. If you have questions about the items listed here please contact us.

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Cryogenic Hoses

Coolant delivery hoses are used to connect your temperature chamber or thermal platform to your coolant source, be it a bulk system, a dewar, or a high pressure cylinder. Sigma offers Vacuum jacketed and Armored hoses for LN2, as well as hoses for LC02. Getting the right hose, with the right fittings, in the right size, with the right insulation, with the proper safety facilities, is essential for a successful and safe operation. Sigma hoses come with the correct fittings for both the coolant source and the temperature chamber or platform. LN2 hoses include a Safety Pressure Relief Valve.


Cryogenic Hose & Dewar Accessories

Sigma offers a variety of dewar accessories including Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs), Exhaust Mufflers, fittings, and connectors.


Temperature Probes

Thermal chambers can be equipped with additional temperature probes (thermo-couples or RTDs). A second temperature probe permits monitoring of specific chamber or platform locations. It also provides faster throughput when monitoring DUT (Device Under Test) temperature.  


Redundant cryogenic coolant cut-off valve

The perfect companion for a Sigma Precision Failsafe is a redundant cryogenic coolant cut off valve. In the event of a Failsafe over or under temperature trigger, the redundant valve closes to shut off the flow of cryogenic coolant. This option is a must to protect from the possibility of a stuck open cryogenic valve during critical or unattended tests.


Internal Terminal Block

A Sigma installed terminal block on the back wall of the chamber allows simple connection of second probe without the necessity to run probe wires outside the chamber and back to the controller. Terminal block is wired to the controller second probe input.

Note: The addition of a second probe requires a controller like the C4/C5 that has connection and control for the second probe.

Second probe for direct product temperature sensing
A Sigma installed second probe allows the Sigma C4 controller to provide full benefit. The second probe can be used to measure the temperature of the UUT (unit under test), or two provide improved test accuracy and faster throughput with Sigma's exclusive "T-Drive" thermal overdrive software.


Chamber Controller

The TS Series Controller provides touch-screen operation and real-time graphing, plus two types of control - system and DUT control. The unique DUT Control mode provides a faster method to get your device to temperature. CE approved, the controller logs and displays diagnostics such as valve counts, ambient temp, and equipment runtimes. Multiple communications protocols are included. It also has an option for an independent fail safe to protect the DUT from thermal damage.


Rack mount for smaller and custom chambers

Rack mounting is an option for all small Sigma chambers. Models M10, M18, M24M, M26, M35, M50M, M52, and M59 are all available with flanges for mounting in standard 19" or 24" racks as appropriate.


Extended Temperature Option

Sigma Chambers can be designed with thicker walls and increased insulation for operation at extremely high (+500°C) or low (-185°C) temperatures. These extended temperature ranges may be used to simulate the harshest of environments or to speed up the chamber’s transition rates within more standard temperature ranges.


Spare coolant solenoid valves and injectors

Sigma uses custom designed valves and injectors to provide your chamber with extremely high performance, quiet operation, and long life. However, Valves are "wear" items and will eventually wear out. You can purchase spare coolant solenoid valves and injectors to avoid down time that could occur with a valve failure. Valves are available as "Built-up" valves that are pre-assembled, insulated, and ready to install, or as simply valves.


Dry Gas Purge Systems

Dry Nitrogen purge systems are available for any chamber. Dry nitrogen purging is an outstanding way of eliminating moisture and/or oxygen from the test environment. Even Nitrogen cooled chambers can benefit from a dry Nitrogen purge as the purge can be used even while the chamber is heating.


Air Cooled Chambers

Chambers that will be operated above ambient, and that do not require fast ramp down rates, can be supplied with air cooling slots for cooling by exchange of ambient air. This option eliminates the need for refrigeration or cryogenic coolants, but does result in more room for heating than a cryogenically cooled model.


Water Cooling for Chambers

Chambers that do not require fast ramp down rates, can be supplied with water cooling by chilled water if your facility has water chillers. This option eliminates the need for refrigeration.

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