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Comprehensive Capabilities

-185° to +500°C and Anywhere in Between

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Our broad portfolio and technologies allow us to deliver a temperature control system that matches your application. At inTEST Thermal Solutions, we don’t force fit you into a singular product or technology. We leverage decades of experience and the industry’s most comprehensive thermal toolkit to provide solutions that perfectly match your needs. It’s what sets us apart.


Our thermal expertise expands across mechanical refrigeration, cryogenics, conduction, convection, liquid cooling and gas cooling – with temperature ranges from -185 to +500°C and anywhere in between.

inTEST Thermal Solutions is founded on a bedrock of engineering excellence. Our breadth of in-house capabilities allows us to be a single-partner-solution for thermal test and process cooling needs.

Our engineering expertise includes:

• Controls Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Embedded Systems Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Thermal Engineering

• Software Engineering

Our four brands: Temptronic, Sigma Systems, Thermonics, and North Sciences combine for nearly 150 years of thermal system design and manufacturing. Today, we are at the leading edge of compressor-based refrigeration, cryogenics, conduction, convection, liquid cooling, gas cooling, resistive heating, and thermoelectric technologies. Proudly, we are one of the few companies in the world to achieve -100°C cooling without the use of cryogenics; but make no mistake, cryogenics are firmly within our competencies. Collectively, our portfolio of products offers an unmatched diversification of thermal test and process cooling solutions including:

• Air Forcing Systems

• Direct Contact Thermal Cyclers

• Process Chillers

• Thermal Chambers

• Thermal Plates

• Thermal Enclosures

With a broad range of products and engineering expertise at our fingertips, we regularly solve the most demanding thermal test and process cooling challenges including:

• Exotic Heat Transfer Fluids

• Extreme Temperature Ranges

• Fluid Pressure and Flow Control

• Frost Migration

• High Ambient Operating Conditions

• Limited Facility Power

• Limited Floor Space/Size

• Long Temperature Dwell Times

• Precise Temperature Control

• Rapid Temperature Transitions

• Remote Communications

• Remote Sensing and Control

• Secondary Sensors and Probes

• Specialized Access or Visibility

We are passionate about temperature control. We are innovative with our problem solving. Our Applications Engineers would love to hear from you to start solving your thermal challenges.

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