ThermoStream® Applications

ThermoStream-Thermal-Test-Setup 250

Electronic device and material testing, characterization and verification

Temptronic mobile temperature environments are used in many industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, semiconductor, telecom and others. Here are a few examples:

  • Automotive in-vehicle brake cylinder and ECU testing 
  • Electronics Thermal conditioning
  • Semiconductor device characterization
  • Optical transceiver characterization and production tuning
  • RF amplifier, connector and oscillator thermal testing
  • Power electronics temperature testing
  • Sensor and PCB thermal shock and life cycle testing 
  • Telecom and datacom component thermal conditioning 
  • Network device design and validation thermal testing
  • Troubleshooting PCBs to component level

Materials testing and conditioning

  • Silicone curing and gasket sealing
  • Plastic parts thermal shock testing
  • Surface treatment thermal testing

Temperature source integration

  • Integration with thermal chambers or ovens that need colder temperatures