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Medical Grade Refrigerators

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Our Medical Grade Biopharmaceutical Refrigerator offers temperature range control between 0 – 10ºC and ensures temperature uniformity with the heavy-duty air-cooled refrigeration system. The interior and exterior is coated with chemical and germ resistant powder that keeps the items inside safe and sanitized. The heat-treated pair glass prevents condensation and ice forming so you have a full view of the materials inside.

The VR series are high-performance pharmacy refrigerators that are engineered to meet different configurations including Blood Bank, Vaccine and Pharmaceutical. With temperature control between -2 and 10ºC, these laboratory refrigerators meet standards outlined by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These VR series are highly functional as they come in 1 and 2-door configurations, auto-stops and removable pull-out drawers.

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Medical Grade

Biopharmaceutical Refrigerator

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VR Series

Top of the line Refrigerators

VR Series come with removable stainless steel drawers, allowing vaccine load without compromising the content of the refrigerator by keeping the door closed.

VR Series Medical Grade Refrigerators

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