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Benchtop Thermal Test System

RapidTempTM BT28 ThermoStream®

Elevate Your Benchtop Testing Experience

Discover how our space-saving, high-speed, temperature forcing technology can help you stay ahead of the competition while maximizing your workspace.

Benchtop Thermal Test System

ThermoStream® ECO 710E/810E 

Eco-Friendly Electronics Temperature Test System

The ECO Series is an environmentally friendly Temptronic® ThermoStream® temperature forcing system that uses less energy with ECO series thermal test system very low audible noise.

ECO ThermoStream

ThermoStream® ECO 560/660 

Eco-Friendly Thermal Test System

New High Capacity, Low cost Air Forcing System

New temperature test system uses less energy with ECO Series technology, delivering high-performance with low noise and low cost.

ECO 560/660

ThermoSpot® Systems 

Bench-Top Direct Contact Thermal Cycling Systems

The ThermoSpot® family of direct contact systems provide an efficient source for IC temperature characterization, including high-Watt emitting devices. Highly responsive and reliable, the unit feeds a thermal probe head through a flexible umbilical – without the use of thermoelectric modules.


ThermoStream® ATS Series

Portable Temperature Test Environments

Temptronic ThermoStreams are portable systems that deliver clean dry air for precision temperature testing or conditioning of electronics (ICs, MEMS, transceivers, or circuits) and materials.


ThermoChuck® Systems

Semiconductor Wafer Thermal Test Systems

For wafer testing in Probe Stations, as well as Laser Trim and Wafer Burn-in. A few specialized applications include Low leakage probing (fA level), and High voltage probing (up to 10kV).


Temptronic Accessories

Enclosures to optimize your temperature environment

A variety of standard enclosures attach directly to a ThermoStream nozzle or remotely via a hose. StreamChamber apertures reduce heat loss while allowing convenient access to devices.

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