Benchtop Thermal Test System
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Benchtop Thermal Test System

The RapidTempTM BT28 ThermoStream®

The BT28 is now the smallest, fastest, quietest, and most powerful benchtop thermal test system in its class. Contact us directly or get the datasheet below to see how this temperature control instrument can help you with product design, production testing, or failure analysis wherever temperature control is needed.

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Small Footprint
Less Than 80 lbs (38kg)

-28°C to +225°C

Wide Temperature Range

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High Airflow
14 scfm

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NEW RapidTempTM BT28 ThermoStream®

Elevate Your Benchtop Testing Experience

Join us in embracing the future of benchtop thermal testing. Discover how our space-saving, high-speed, temperature forcing technology can help you stay ahead of the competition while maximizing your workspace.

At inTEST Thermal Solutions, we understand that innovation doesn't always need to occupy a large footprint. That's why we proudly introduce the RapidTemp™ BT28 ThermoStream®, a compact yet immensely powerful temperature test system engineered to redefine your benchtop thermal testing experience.

  • Extreme Temperature Control: Achieve precise and reliable temperature control across the widest temperature ranges with the highest airflow rates available in a benchtop test system.
  • Space-Saving Brilliance: Designed to quickly and accurately test devices. Maximize your workspace while delivering industry leading thermal capacity.
  • SwiftThermâ„¢ Technology: Accelerate your product development and manufacturing timelines with lightning-fast temperature transitions.
  • ECO-Stream Design: Engineered to be smaller, quieter, and more energy-efficient, enhancing your user experience while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Detachable Touchscreen Interface: Enjoy the ease and convenience of a touchscreen that can be placed wherever you need it within the length of the remote cable (provided cable is 9 ft.).
Benchtop Thermal Test System Display
Benchtop Thermal Test System Airlfow

Controller Features Include:

  • Embedded control system
  • Local and remote operations
  • User defined temperature limits
  • Customizable and savable test setups
  • Ethernet, IEEE-488, RS232, USB Serial ports
  • Datalog storage (USB)

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