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Messenger™ 10 Portable ULT Freezers

A Truly Transportable Cold Storage Unit

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Covid-19 Samples transportation


-86°C to +4°C

Car Plug

Can work on 12/24 V Car adapter

The ultra-low temperature Portable freezer is specially designed for Vaccine transportation. It is small in size, light in weight, and the lowest temperature can reach -80°C. It solves the industry's pain points in liquid nitrogen transportation and makes up for the shortage of liquid nitrogen transportation. The machine has a builti-in large capacity lithium battery options available, which can be used to transport the vaccines without any external power source.

10L internal volume, temperature control accuracy 2°C, ultra-low temperature controlled mobile safe with adjustable temperature range from -80°C to 30°C, used to transport biological samples such as vaccines, bacterial viruses, bacterial viruses, blood, human organs, Immune medical products and other goods that have extremely high temperature requirements.

Ultimate sleek Design, Wide Performance, Ready for the Toughest Conditions
12-24 V DC outlet worldwide Battery backup integrated.

Portable ULT - Messenger 10

• Portable, reliable, continuous ULT operation.

• Messenger 10 is equipped with Casters to be moved anywhere.

• 100% natural refrigerants.

• Piston Based Technology with No compressors no moving parts.

• AC or 12-24 V DC outlet worldwide.

Part Number Temp. Range Voltage Volume - CuFt
DM8510 -86 to 4°C 12-24V 0.35


Biomedical Cold Chain Freezers

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