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ULT -86Ā°C Freezers

Ultra Low Temperature Biomedical & Vaccine Cold Storage Solutions

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Our wide selection of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers meets a wide range of industry requirements. The Messenger Portable freezer comes in a compact size, which is an excellent solution for clinical trials and drug delivery. For space-saving freezers, the Minicore Small Space refrigerator fits just about anywhere. Despite the small size itā€™s one of the most powerful pharmaceutical freezers out there. It operates at -86ĀŗC and is the only mini freezer dedicated to a disaster recovery plan.

The TEC2 freezer is a powerhouse with two dual core compressors and fastest recovery times. Also operating at -86ĀŗC, this Ultralow upright freezer is ideal for critical material storage and sample safety. 


Next Generation of Safest, Smartest ULT Freezer
Cloud Monitoring with TraceableLIVEĀ®

inTEST TEC2 Traceable


Adapts to user patterns for higher reliability 
Cloud Monitoring with TraceableLIVEĀ®

Lab Freezer - TSi -86Ā°C Cold Storage

Minicoreā„¢ Small Space Freezer

Fits Where Science Demands it

Small ULT Freezer

Messengerā„¢ Shuttle Portable ULT

The COVID-19 ā€“ Total cold chain response from -86ā°C to +4Ā°C

COVID-19 Vaccine Freezer - Messenger Series

Messengerā„¢ 10 ULT Freezer

True transportable unit

Portable Vaccine Storage Freezer

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