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Custom Thermal Chambers

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We design custom Thermal Test Chambers for end user and OEM applications. Thermal shock and temperature test chambers can be designed with special considerations for 

  • -185° to +500°C with transition rates up to 100°C/minute
  • Chamber sizes: height, depth, and width configured for your test setup
  • Test access: cable notches, access ports, pull-off doors, shelves, windows, all sized and located to test setup
  • Control and communications: Touch-screen controller, IEEE-488 GPIB, RS232 Serial, Ethernet, Telnet, web server
  • Casters, stands, bench top, rack mount configurations
  • ISO 9001:2008, RoHS, CE, UL61010

Extreme Temperature Ranges


Rapid Transition Rates

Multiple Sizes - 2

Customize Size & Footprint

Custom Temperature Controller

Powerful Controller and Data Logging

Sigma Systems employs over 50 years of designing temperature chambers that are optimized for the application. We offer a wide range of chamber shapes, sizes, and configurations that accommodate the needs for test access, cable routing, test visibility, wide temperature ranges, and rapid temperature transitions.

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Custom Engineered to Meet Your Specifications

When you buy a Sigma Systems Custom Chamber, you buy a solution that is designed specifically for your test subject to meet your exact specifications. Our thermal engineers will review every aspect of your application including:

• The size of your test subject
• The material of your test subject
• The heat dissipation of your test subject
The electrical and facility resources available

Delivering a test chamber to meet your needs perfectly. No standard or off-the-shelf chambers can offer the engineering guarantee of a Sigma Systems Chamber. 

Custom Test Chamber Examples

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