PAO Chillers

Low Temperature PAO Chillers for Mil/Aero & Industrial Process Cooling Applications


Thermonics PAO Chillers are designed for heat removal in military, aerospace, and industrial cooling applications where polyalphaolefin liquid is required as the heat transfer fluid. Our chillers are equipped with pumps, filters, fittings, and hoses that are fully compatible with the unique needs for PAO recirculation, ensuring reliable, high performance in demanding Mil/Aero applications.

Thermonics PAO chillers are stand-alone, portable chiller systems equipped with a touch-screen controller featuring remote communications, real-time graphing, and system diagnostics to monitor chiller health and prevent down-time. Optionally, the chillers can be equipped with fluid pressure and flow control features.

We are an ISO 9001 and ITAR registered company with decades of experience delivering precision temperature control solutions in Mil/Aero applications.

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PAO Chiller Features


PAO Chiller Screens

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