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Thermal test systems

Thermal chambers & platforms for electronics and materials design and test

inTEST Thermal Solutions manufactures Temptronic® and Sigma Systems temperature systems for electronics and material test and conditioning, as well as Thermonics® process chillers. An array of high-performance thermal products are available to meet your design and production requirements while optimizing throughput, user access, footprint, and more.

Sigma Systems
Thermal Chambers

Compressor based or cryogenic cooling from -185 to 500°C.

  • Cooling up to 100°C/min.
  • Optimized for device size, access, and throughput
  • Designs for RF, Vibration, MEMS, LED, Tensile - MIL-STD and commercial applications

thermal cycling plates

Sigma Systems
Thermal Platforms (Plates)

Compressor based or cryogenic cooling from -100 to 250°C.

  • Cooling up to 100°C/min.
  • Variety of enclosures, hole patterns, & plate dimensions
  • Designed for low profile device conditioning - MIL-STD and commercial applications

direct contact thermal test

Temptronic Direct Contact
Thermal Systems
ThermoSpot® bench top systems for isolating DUT exposure to temperature. High reliability cooling without TE modules.

  • IC test and characterization
  • -65 to 175°C
    up to 55W at -55°C
  • In-circuit or test socket

temperature forcing systems

ThermoStream® for -100 to 300°C rapid thermal cycling. New ECO-friendly system - less energy, operates with very low noise.

  • No LN2 or LCO2 required
  • Up to 15°C/sec.
  • No annual leak checks required - per EU gas reg.

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