A Remote Programming Q&A

Learn the Basics on Controlling a ThermoStream® with RS232 or IEEE Commands.

“First, I would like to take it to a cold temperature, let’s say -30°C, and have it soak at -30°C until the test is finished, and then bring it back to ambient.” 

To begin, we need to get on the same page in regard to terms and events during a temperature transition.

When you send (or drive) the ThermoStream® to a setpoint (or temperature), the following sequence takes place:

  • The system Ramps. Ramp is the rate (°C/second) at which the system will drive to the desired temperature. A Ramp rate of 9999 is the fastest possible rate.
  • Once the system has Ramped and is within the Window of the Setpoint, the Soak time will start. The Soak time may start and restart a few times before the temperature has fully settled within the Window. The purpose of Soak is to allow the temperature and the device under test to settle and stabilize BEFORE you begin your test.
  • Once the Soak time has elapsed, the system is AT TEMPERATURE and the Test time will begin. Test Time is configurable in the screen titled Define Parameters (or by using the TTIM remote command).
  • Once the Test Time has elapsed, the system will Ramp to the next setpoint.

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