How ULT Freezers Protect Critical Samples In Biological Banks

Collecting and preserving biological samples for future examination and analysis is fundamental for pharmaceutical and biological research.

Biospecimens stored in these biobanks include tissue (such as tumor tissue removed in surgery), blood, cells, buccal swabs, cerebral spinal fluid, enzymes, or DNA or RNA. These biological tissue repositories facilitate research progress as sources of data that generates useful insights.

Given the long duration between biological sample collection and analysis, research laboratories require medical-grade equipment to store and preserve biospecimens.

Enter: biopharmaceutical refrigerators (0°C to 15°C), bio freezers (0°C to -40°C) and ultra-low temperature freezers(-60°C to -86°C).

The Importance Of Ultra-Low Freezers In Biobanks

Today, billions of bio specimens, some irreplaceable, are collected in universities, hospitals, and research institutions, with each sample priced over $10,000.

To preserve these samples, organizations and researchers invest huge sums of money in cold chain solutions like ULT freezers.

In 2012, a ULT freezer failure at Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, a renowned brain bank, damaged a third of the world’s largest collection of brain tissue for autism research.

Investigation showed that while the external thermostat on the ULT freezer indicated a temperature of -80°C, the internal temperature was that of a normal refrigerator. The loss potentially set autism research back by years.

We’ve come far in biomedical equipment innovation since then, manufacturing the fastest, safest, and most reliable ULT freezers with dual cooling technology, capable of reaching -80°C in 2 hrs.

Independent Temperature Monitoring And Backup Power Systems In ULT Freezers

While the ULT freezers at the Harvard brain bank were equipped with alarm systems, they didn’t have independent temperature monitors and backup systems in place. So, while the external thermostat read -80°C, the internal temperature hike didn’t trigger the alarms.

Therefore, in addition to audible and visual alarms for high and low temperature values, our ULT freezers are equipped with temperature monitoring devices and digital data loggers.

These devices track temperatures at set time intervals, unlike thermostats that show the coldest and warmest unit temperatures.

Moreover, the TWINCORE has 2 independent compressor systems, each capable of maintaining -82°C, for a fool-proof backup system in case of failure.

North Sciences Offers Unsurpassed Level Of Sample Security With State-Of-The-Art Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve developed a keen understanding of the challenges of critical sample storage and preservation.

Our ULT freezers are purpose-built with disaster recovery and energy efficiency in mind. Not only are they equipped with remote monitoring systems that work as proactive maintenance devices, but they are also designed to store high-value samples at -86°C.

From the true transportable unit, Messenger Shuttle Portable Freezer, to one of the biggest upright ULT freezers in the market, TWIN E2, we have it all!

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