Introducing the New Twincore ECO -86°C Ultralow Temperature Freezer

If you’re looking to buy a top-tier and highly-advanced Ultralow and Ultrafast temperature freezer to meet industry requirements, Z-SC1 has just introduced the perfect ULT freezer—the TWINCORE ECO—with over 50 technological upgrades.

Most ULT freezers are notorious for energy consumption, high-energy bills, and large carbon footprint—and this is what sets the Twincore Eco Technology ULT freezer apart from the rest.

This unit features natural refrigerants, 100 percent redundancy with independent refrigeration systems, and Twincore© compressors that significantly reduce energy consumption.

Here are some of the many upgrades we have made to our Twincore ECO Technology.

What Does the New Twincore ECO -86⁰C Ultralow Temperature Freezer Offer?

  • 1st Fully Redundant Dual Cooling system using natural gases with low GMP energy for a Dual Cooling system.
  • It can work from -40°C to -86°C. The earlier model could go down to -60°C
  • New Twincore works now as two single compressor Freezers in one since only one is required to maintain -86°C. The other one stays on standby or serves as a backup and kicks in only on demand when needed, such as door opening, loads, pull down, or improbable failure.
  • New design using VIP Panel and Foam increases capacity and reduces floor space.
  • Ergonomic one-hand opening latch
  • The First Touchscreen control system with on-screen diagnostic and alarm testing. It allows all Wizbox functions to be displayed on the screen, which keeps the users aware of anything abnormal with the freezer, including room temperature. In the previous models, Wizbix could only be remotely accessed by our servers and technicians.
  • No need to connect to the internet or service anymore.
  • The inner doors are insulated and removable to allow for complete defrost cleaning.
  • The new ultralow temperature freezer comes with magnetic gaskets.
  • No need for a chart recorder; all the data can be downloaded using the built-in USB.
  • We added a filter to the front that is easily accessible.
  • And we added a document holder on top of the controllers to facilitate researchers putting notes up with magnets on their Freezers.
  • We are using the newest generation of compressors, still Danfoss but no longer GS26CLX
  • We developed our own start capacitors, adapted to the US market.

If you want to place your order for this magnificent, highly-advanced Twincore ECO -86°C Ultralow Temperature Freezer, reach out to us today.

At Z-SC1 Corp., we offer the best and the most durable ULT freezers that offer high cooling efficiency while balancing energy requirements. We have over 25 years of experience designing powerful laboratory freezers, including ULT freezers and BIO freezers for labs. We also offer warranty coverage for their products and parts.