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iTS launches ATS-Series ThermoStream® Temperature Forcing Systems

Posted by Tom Ryan on Jan 1, 2013 2:41:00 PM



inTEST Thermal Solutions has launched the a comprehensive line of precision temperature forcing systems, the ATS-Series ThermoStream® systems. With temperature range extremes as high as 300ºC (570ºF) and as low as -100ºC (-148ºF), countless test and conditioning applications can now be solved with a compact, precise, and portable system.

“The ATS series is the culmination of decades of experience both Temptronic and Thermonics gained through providing unique solutions to customers’ temperature test needs,” said James Pelrin, President of inTEST Thermal Solutions. ”The new ATS product series has eight different models, up from the previous five, with each one addressing a different temperature application. For many years, customers have turned to us to provide extremely accurate and precise temperature test capability that has typically been used in the semiconductor and small electronic test market. With the ATS series, we offer the industry’s largest breadth of thermal solutions available and are now able to address the technical challenges of a much broader market.”

The ATS-series was created by taking the industry’s workhorse ThermoStream systems and significantly enhancing them in terms of both features and capabilities. “We now have one cohesive package that includes a number of improvements, some of which came from our Thermonics acquisition, along with a much broader set of capabilities.” Pelrin continued, “The speed, precision, and portability of our new systems, combined with a broader temperature range and capacity, have resulted in the most comprehensive line of Precision Temperature Forcing Systems ever.  Our ThermoStream system has been the semiconductor test industry standard since 1974, noted for its flexibility and overall performance. However, technical demands of other markets differ markedly, and customers across a number of industries asked us to provide the additional horsepower they needed. The ATS Series does just that.”

Companies throughout the Military/Aerospace, Telecom, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and Energy markets are all looking to improve the quality and reliability of their products. “Cost of product failure for these companies is prohibitive and engineers are always looking for alternative means to enhance their test capability. One engineer may need to test at different temperature extremes to stress their product, while another may want to accelerate their transition rates to improve throughput or to run accelerated life tests.  Regardless of their thermal testing needs, the ATS Series can help them achieve their goals,” concluded Pelrin.

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