C1D1 Labs is now the exclusive distributor of Thermonics Chillers to the cannabis industry

Process chillers for the cannabix industry

inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS) of Mansfield, MA and C1D1 Labs of Carson City, NV have reached an agreement for distribution of process chillers to the cannabis extraction industry. 

C1D1 Labs will serve as the exclusive distributor of Thermonics brand, air and water cooled chillers to cannabis extraction customers across the USA. Current sellers of Thermonics chillers can continue to sell to end users in the cannabis industry by purchasing through C1D1 Labs.

iTS, a global leader in precision temperature control solutions and C1D1 Labs, a pioneer in extraction lab setup and equipment supply, will bring industry leading chiller technology to the market while providing the highest level of support to our customers.

Please contact Bob Sandberg of iTS or Alex Barsky of C1D1 Labs should you have any questions or require any support.