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Speed Up Microwave Signal Integrity Testing With Rack-Mounted Thermal Plates

Posted by Tom Ryan on Apr 9, 2020 10:58:00 AM

Low Noise Plates Provide Rapid, Accurate Thermal Cycling of Microwave/RF Devices

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Sigma Systems, part of the inTEST Thermal Solutions family, has engineered a series of rack mountable thermal platforms used for thermal cycling of microwave/RF components during signal integrity testing.

Capable of -100 to +200 °C with ±1.0 °C accuracy, the plates are integrated with the test equipment to provide rapid, precise temperature control for high throughput, production level testing.


With many Microwave/RF applications being highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), Sigma Systems has designed the platforms with a Remote Electrical Box (REB) that separates the plate’s noise emitting components away from the test site and provides EMI shielding.


Increase Throughput - Keeping Test Setups Connected

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The flat, rectangular shape of the thermal plates facilitates integration directly into the test rack where the plates can serve as a base for the test setups to be built on. This allows the test setup and test equipment to remain fixtured and connected while each new batch of microwave/RF components is moved through the test site.


Additionally, the plates can be equipped with a cover and dry gas purge to mitigate frost and oxidization in the test area.


Ensuring Uptime for Production Testing

To keep up with rigorous production level demands, the plates are equipped with diagnostics to monitor overall health of the plate’s mechanical components including runtimes, and valve activation counts. The diagnostics will support planned maintenance programs, reducing production downtime and preventing the interruption of both critical and long duration tests.


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