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temperature test & conditioning applications

ThermoChuck® for Wafer Probe Stations

Temptronic ThermoChucks are conductive heating and cooling systems for wafer testing at temperature. Its primary use is for wafer testing in Probe Stations, as well as Laser Trim and Wafer Burn-in. A few specialized applications include Low leakage probing (fA level), and High voltage probing (up to 10kV).

  • -65C to +300°C
  • 150mm, 200mm & 300mm
  • Retrofits available for existing probe stations

ThermoChuck systems are often highly configured for specific probe stations. Important parameters needed to match your application:

  • Chuck size (diameter)?
  • Temperature range required?
  • Make and model of probe station chuck will be mounted to?
  • Preferred plating on ThermoChuck surface (gold or nickel )?
  • Other considerations (Low noise probing? High voltage probing, etc.)?

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