Sigma Systems

    TP2555 Thermal Plate


    The Sigma Systems Cryogenically Cooled TP-2555 Thermal Plate provides a flat, thermally conducive, precisely temp-controlled surface ideal for conditioning and testing low profile items with a flat surface such as RF devices, as well as high density power device testing (IGBTs and MOSFETs).

    Thermal Plate Features

    • Temperature Range of -100°C to +200°C, (optional LN2 Extended Temperature Range -165°C to +250°C) with transition rates up to 40°C/min. (cooling); 29°C/min. (heating)
    • Optional covers, adapter plates, and hole patterns for enclosing and securing test components
    • Dry air purge option to reduce moisture and prevent frost
    • Control and communications: Touch-screen controller, Ethernet, Telnet, Web Server - Optional RS232 Serial and IEEE-488 GPIB
    • Independent fail safe option to protect components from over-temperature conditions
    • ISO 9001, RoHS, CE, Designed to meet UL61010