Chiller Condenser Cleaning

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    Clean the condenser! Seems easy but is seldom done on a regular basis.

    A dirty or dusty condenser is the #1 cause of compressor failure and reduced performance in your air-cooled process chiller. Cleaning the condenser fins every month is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure your chiller operates as it was intended. There are several ways to accomplish this.

    Depending on your facility setup, you can clean the fins with a brush-tipped vacuum or with clean, dry compressed air; a condenser cleaning solution can also be used. Be sure to protect yourself and the condenser when cleaning. Wear protective gloves and avoid damaging (i.e. bending) the fins.

    Why clean the condenser? A dirty condenser prevents air from flowing through the system and keeps heat trapped within the cooling system – whose very job is to get rid of heat! Trapping this heat not only increases compressor operating temperatures but also forces the compressor to work even harder. A dirty condenser forces the compressor to overcome the additional heat load.

    A dirty condenser can have expensive consequences:

    • Reduced process chiller efficiency
    • Increased electricity consumption
    • Failed compressor
    • Process chiller shutdown

    Make cleaning your chiller's condenser part of your facility maintenance schedule.