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3 Things to Check If ULT Freezer Fails

While ULT freezers are rugged and reliable, and can go through wear and tear over time. With the excessive usage they’re put through, it isn’t uncommon for the ULT freezer’s compressor, door/gasket, or condenser to stop working properly.

Luckily, they’re usually easy to diagnose and fix.

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CDC Guidelines for Vaccine and COVID-19 Specimen Storage

Countries around the world are in a multibillion dollar race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, COVID-19 specimens sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are carefully stored and collected for diagnostic purposes. This requires proper cold storage solutions that store specimens at the right temperature, ensuring they’re viable for testing and research.

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When and How to Specify an Ultra-Low Freezer

At the moment, 40 different vaccines for COVID are under test and trial. While we haven’t reached an endpoint with any of them, we soon will. One vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford is looking very promising and is in advanced stages of its development.

Since we’re nearing the closure of these trials and might have a vaccine soon, it’s time we also begin worrying about other matters: such as where to store these vaccines once we have them?

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