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Does Your Lab Need a ULT Freezer?

ULT stands for ultra-low temperature. ULT freezers operate in the range of -40 to -86ºC, hence the name. They come in a range of sizes – most ULT freezers are upright freezers that resemble large refrigerators, while some are so small they can fit on a tabletop. There are also chest ULT freezers that look like the freezers used to store meat in restaurants. There are even walk-in ULT freezers with much larger capacities.

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ULT Freezer Failures: A.I., V.R. and Cloud Monitoring to Avoid Asset Losses

As technology expands day to day, we often find ourselves as simple observers in our life, watching as our world slowly morphs into the robotic city we’ve always dreamed of. Love it or hate it, technology has implemented itself into our reality, like ivy growing around our windowsills. From technological advancements in cell phones, to living robots, its range is ever changing, making it difficult yet accessible to become accustomed to this new manner of life. Through all these changes, the spotlight remains focused upon two elements: virtual reality and artificial intelligence, terms we hadn’t even heard about twenty years ago. Just like in any other circumstance, adaptation and improvement are the best ways to live life: to accept change with open arms, and in this way, these two aspects are able to reach their full potential.

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LIVE at MJBizCon 2022: Booth 9636

inTEST Thermal Solutions is LIVE at MJBizCon 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center! From November 16-18, we'll be at Booth #9636. We're showcasing our Thermonics extraction chillers and discussing the latest advancements in cooling and precision temperature control. 

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