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temperature test & conditioning applications

ApolloXstill® and inTEST Thermal Solutions Team Up to Deliver Cannabis Industry’s First Closed-Loop, Turnkey Ethanol Extraction System

ApolloXstill® and inTEST Thermal Solutions Team Up to Deliver Cannabis Industry’s First  Closed-Loop, Turnkey Ethanol Extraction System

March 17, 2020… Two U.S. companies, inTEST Thermal Solutions ( and ApolloXstill, (, have collaborated to provide a closed-loop extraction system for the cannabis industry. ApolloXstill is the first closed-loop, turnkey, on-demand ethanol extraction system that takes biomass to high quality, winterized crude in a high-speed, all-in-one processing system.

Thermal Systems Integration

for Thermal Testing and Process Cooling

Thermal Systems for IntegrationAs a system’s integrator you need relationships with multiple technology and implementation partners. iTS brings decades of thermal engineering expertise to hot and cold environments in standalone and production, conditioning and process applications. iTS engineers can help both in your sales process to win the project and product development:

  • Approaches to meeting thermal requirements with refrigerants, gases, cryo
  • Designing enclosure configurations to suit component size and access
  • Manufacturing a complete solution including controls
  • Providing global service for ongoing operations

Our thermal expertise crosses many industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, energy, medical, semiconductor, telecom and other industrial areas.

Whether you’re automating work cells, handling systems, assembly and test or processing equipment, iTS would like to explore a partnership you.

Visit Us at the Auto Test Expo

Booth #11034

Quiet Cap Top 72dpi

Visit Us next week, Oct. 23 to 25, at the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI. We'll be at Booth #11034 with our thermal chambers, thermal plates and process chiller.




New Test Enclosure Reduces Audible Noise During Electronics Thermal Testing

Noise Suppressing Enclosure Improves User Experience with a 55% Noise Reduction

Quiet Cap Top 72dpi

August 14, 2018…inTEST Thermal Solutions (iTS), Mansfield, MA (… iTS, manufacturer of the Temptronic® ThermoStream® air forcing system, has developed an enclosure that provides a 55% reduction in the noise caused by forced air during electronics thermal cycling. Electronics testing often requires concentrated air flow to rapidly transition components to specified temperature in a test enclosure. iTS’s new enclosure, called the ECO Quiet Cap connects to the ThermoStream’s air nozzle to reduce the noise and isolate the test subjects.­

Speed Up Microwave Signal Integrity Testing With Rack-Mounted Thermal Plates

Low Noise Plates Provide Rapid, Accurate Thermal Cycling of Microwave/RF Devices

Sigma Chamber for TCXO Thermal Testing

Sigma Systems, part of the inTEST Thermal Solutions family, has engineered a series of rack mountable thermal platforms used for thermal cycling of microwave/RF components during signal integrity testing.

Capable of -100 to +200°C with ±1.0°C accuracy, the plates are integrated with the test equipment to provide rapid, precise temperature control for high throughput, production level testing of microwave/RF devices.

With many Microwave/RF applications being highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), Sigma Systems has designed the platforms with a Remote Electrical Box (REB) that separates the plate’s noise emitting components away from the test site and provides EMI shielding.

Sigma Chamber Increases Capacity for Testing TCXOs

Low-Gradient, High-Throughput Convection Chamber Replaces Oil Baths

Sigma Chamber for TCXO Thermal Testing

Sigma Systems, part of the inTEST Thermal Solutions family, has designed a high throughput thermal chamber for batch testing crystal oscillators.

Capable of -60 to +130°C with a low (±1.3°C) gradient, the chamber delivers the thermal horsepower and uniformity for batch testing up to 1,000 TCXOs across 10 load boards, surpassing the throughput of traditional oil baths and eliminating oil cleanup.

The chamber also simplifies setup and connection of test equipment for crystal parameter analysis during tests for phase noise, short term stability, frequency aging, and reliability screening.

Join Us at SATELLITE 2018

inTEST Thermal Solutions at SATTELITE 2018

 SATELLITE 2018 (March 12-15)

Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C
Join Us at Booth #644

Further your knowledge of thermal testing and process cooling for satellite communications and space technology. With forward-looking keynotes and in-depth conference sessions, this event explores the latest innovations and steps forward in building the future of connectivity.

Join Us at OFC 2018

inTEST Thermal Solutions - OFC 2018

 OFC2018 (March 13-15)

San Diego Convention Center
Join Us at Booth #5916

Talk to us about transceiver temperature testing and optical component thermal characterization. The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) is the largest global conference and exhibition for the optical communications and networking industry. We will be exhibiting our Temptronic ThermoStream® and ThermoSpot® systems, and Sigma Systems thermal plates and thermal chambers

Thermal Stress Testing - Breaking Old Habits

When to assess quality and reliability test resources

Thermal Stress Testing - Breaking Old Habits


Thermal chambers have found a place in the psyche of test, quality, and production engineers - and for good reason. They can be an ideal test environment when precisely matched to the test specifications. However, often times they are not.

3 Factors that Determine Cooling Methods for Electronics Testing

pros and cons of cryogenic vs. compressor-based cooling

3 Factors that Determine Cooling Methods for Electronics Testing

Deciding between a cryogenic and compressor-based cooling engine for your thermal chamber or thermal platform can be difficult. Download this application note to better understand the advantages of each cooling engine and to help decide which one best fits your application.

Electronics Thermal Conditioning System

For high flow thermal conditioning of electronic modules

Electronics Thermal Conditioning System

This bench top system is ideal for conditioning electronics with high volume, low pressure, temperature controlled air. The system delivers up to 43scfm of precisely controlled, clean dry air for conditioning components and instrumentation. It is capable of cycling and holding at temperatures from 20 to 70°C.



Properly Uncrating a Temperature Forcing System

Watch this video to learn how to properly unpack and un-crate a ThermoStream Temperature Forcing System.